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Cesca Daniele

Piedmont, Italy




Grapes Grown:

Daniele Cesca


Barbera, Dolcetto, Salrina, Fresia

After an arduous search for land that speaks to the heart of farmer Daniela Cesca, a piece of land in the city of Moncalvo in the region of Piedmonte in 2016 became home. Daniela boasts an infectious desire to revitalize fading traditions and varietals by farming and producing wine that holds true to what he learned from his granparents, who were also winemakers. With minimal intervention, his wines are classical in style but tell a beautiful story on behalf of the terroir. On the surface, he is a salt-of-the-earth wine maker, but just beneath is a philosopher, painter, and hospitable man who we love to support and share with the world.
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