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Domaine Pierre-Andre Dumas

Beaujolais, France


Pierre-Andre Dumas
Winemaker: Aurelie Durnerin



Practicing Organic


Grapes Grown:

Gamay, Chardonnay

Domaine Pierre-Andre Dumas is a family farm of 15 hectares located at the foot of the hills of Brouilly that has been in production since 1958. The domaine is now run by Pierre-Andre, the 3rd generation winemaker. Pierre-Andre has created a new image for the domaine which reflects both modernity, as well as respect for traditions and the terroir. The addition of winemaker Aurelie Durnerin as the driving force in the cellar and her adherence to natural winemaking techniques, matches Pierre-Andre's intentionality in the vineyard and focus on highlighting this special terroir.

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