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Guanajuato, Mexico




Grapes Grown:

Marcelo Castro Vera and Mukasha Dadajonova

Practicing Organic

1,700 Cases

Macabeo, Semillon, Muscat, Mablec, Rosa del Peru,

Ocotgono was founded in 2016 by husband and wife Marcelo Castro Vera and Mukasha Dadajonova in Guanajuato. Marcelo and Mukasha make wine for pleasure, to experiment, to have fun. This results in a product that breaks rules and pushes the boundaries of convention. The focus on making pre-industrial wines here is taken to extreme. The winery has no electricity or machinery of any kind, so everything is done by hand, from picking to crushing, pressing, and even bottling. All of the fermentations are carried out in buried handmade clay amphoras that were made in Mexico (from clay sourced locally). Winemaker Celia Alva is at the helm in the cellar and she has employed a nearly all-female team in the winery.

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