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Tenuta Vincenzo Nardone

Campania, Italy




Grapes Grown:

Vincenzo Nardone


Greco Di Tufo, Falanaghia, Fiano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Aglianico, Coda di Volpe

The Nardone family has been crafting wines since 1810 (thats before the unification of Italy)! Nicola Nardone, aka �Pupo� took over in the cantina in 2013. Pupo, has been a part of winemaking on the family�s 10 hecatre estate since he was six years old. He now uses the indigenous grape of Campania and celebrates traditions that date back centuries as he focuses on crafting unique wines that bring out the flavors of the vintage. Pupo believes if you pay attention to what the vineyard is telling you, you don�t need chemicals or additives. He�s also focused on protecting the old vines of Irpinia; he believes they don�t have an age limit and he hates seeing people take older vines down when he believes we should be celebrating the unique flavors of the grapes they produce. Irpinia also boasts one of the latest harvest in the world because of the area�s long, hot summer days and cold summer nights - leading to a longer maturation period. He believes you need to find the synergy in everything, not just wine. That�s how he thinks you bring out the best in the grapes and craft wines people love to drink.
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