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Agricola Caprera

Abruzzo, Italy




Grapes Grown:

Luca-Paolo Virgilio & Alfonso Morelli

Practicing Organic


Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Passerina

Lucapaolo purchased the site that would become Agricola Capera in 2012, nestled high in the mountains between two natural parks and just a few miles from the Adriatic Sea in Pietranico. Capera in Lucapaolo's words was an 'Hermitage' untouched by modernity, a truly wild landscape. Lucapaolo had organized many natural wine festivals in the area and then moved to Sicilty to intern under Francesco Guccione before launching Caprera. Planting began in 2014 on the slopes of the San Grasso and Maiella Mountains with a hectare of Montepulcaino and a half hectare of Trebbinao, additional plantings were added in 2016. 22 Hectares in total, with 4.5 hectares under vine, with wheat fields and olive groves speckled across the property.

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