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Agricola Montenigo

Veneto, Italy




Grapes Grown:

Rudi & Laura Roncari

Certified Organic


Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Sangiovese

Agricola Montenigo is located just a few miles from Verona in the heart of the Valpolicella DOC. After many years of selling grapes to a local cooperative and dishearteningly witnessing them made into industrial wine, the Roncari family built a cellar on their farm and began vinifying in house. Nowadays, Montenigo is threading the needle of classical style Valpolicella vinified naturally. The whole operation is a family affair Rudi, Laura, and thier son Giovanni tending to the vineyards, along with the intricate work in the cellar. The estate is spread over 30 hectares, with 9 planted to grapes, 4 planted to olives, with every inch of the farming being Certified Organic. A rarity in the Veneto, the Roncari's use minimal sulfur in the cellar and focus on gentle extraction leading to a fresher, more lively style of Valpolicella and Amarone.
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