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Art + Science Cider & Wines

Willamette Valley, Oregon




Grapes Grown:

Dan Rinke & Kim Hamblin

Practicing Organic

Melon De Bourgogne, pinot noir, trosseau, grenache, Apples, Pears, Plums

Husband & wife Dan Rinke and Kim Hamblin make some of the most premier cider, conferments, & wines in the Valley. Dan is a graduate of the Fresno State vitivulture program, and is recognized as one of the top minds in biodynamic farming in Oregon. He led farming and winemaking at Johan Vineyards for years prior to the launch of Art + Science. The couple began cidermaking when they purchased a property rich with orchards in a remote section of the Van Duzer Corridor. Today they grow, forage & purchase fruit that is either wild or biodynamic and purchase grapes from a few trusted sites in some of the coldest corners of the Willamette Valley.

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