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Jerez, Spain


Antonio, George, Thomas


practicing organic


Grapes Grown:

Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez

Founded by three friends - Antonio from Jerez, George from Oxford, and Tommy from Barcelona - who share a passion for wine produced in the Appellation of Jerez and have over 20 years combined experience in the wine trade, the Diatomists team explore every corner of this southernmost point of Andalucia in search of winemakers committed to excellence. Diatomist is determined to put the focus on soil and the fruit back in the spotlight for Sherry, producing wine that clearly reflects the vines� terroir alongside the solera in which it matured: wine that proves that whilst quality and consistency are achieved through the bodega, excellence is in the soil. They love fresh, floral and fruit driven wine. The goal is to select, ship and share fresh white wine with abundant fruit, complimented either by the flor, in the case of biologically aged wines, or the bota, in our barrel-aged range. They believe in creating a sustainable business that understands growth can only come about through appropriate care for the environment. At all levels, they implement a sense of perspective and look to give as much as they receive. Our mission is to work with local businesses, use sustainable materials and to promote and work with those who are taking positive and conscientious environmental decisions.
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