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Puglia, Italy




Grapes Grown:

Vito D'Onghia


Primitivo, Negromaro, Alessano, Verdeca, Minutolo, Montepulciano

Vito and his father Peppino have come together to develop Vito into a well-established, knowledgable, and passionate winemaker who cares for the land and the wine that comes with it with the upmost respect. We highly recommend taking a deep-dive into the story of the land on their website if you find tales of 12th century saints, curses, and banditery flooding the page; but to keep it succinct here, Vini Petracavallo is nestled right in the arch of the boot of Italy in Puglia, with a hot and dry climate, you'll find these wines intense, just like the history of the land in which it comes from. With each glass, we sense the tender-loving stewardship of the history of the land, and the craft of winemaking which is the vessel for maintaining the rich stories accompanying it.
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