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Son of Man

Cascade Locks, OR


Jasper Smith and Ella McCallion


practicing organic


Grapes Grown:

Hierloom Cider Apples

At Son of Man, husband and wife team Jasper Smith and Ella McCallion work to perfect a singular craft. Inspired by the generations of cidermakers in Northern Spain, they have set out to make exceptional Basque-style cider. Basque cider is nothing like the sweet alco-pop stuff served in pints here in the states. It is bright and tart, with a hint of Old World funk. Wild-fermented and without added sulfites, Basque cider is as natural as it gets. Crafted more like wine than beer, they press cider apples during the fall harvest, and add nothing while it ferments and ages for 6 months until it is ready to drink in the spring. Basque cider is at its best with food. Pour the cider from a height to aerate and carbonate, then drink with funky cheese, salty oysters on the half-shell or rare meat off the grill.
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