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Valencia, Spain




Grapes Grown:

Rosalia Molina

Certified Organic


Garnacha Blanca, Bobal

In 1998, Rosalia Molina and her husband Manolo Garrote had a vision to revitalize winemaking in their home region of La Mancha. They envisioned a return to the basics of organic grape growing, natural wine making, and the simplicity of their ancestors. Purchasing a small estate in the sub-denomination of Manchuela, they soon grew their holdings by purchasing plots of old vine Grenache and Bobal surrounding the winery. Today they've come from 6 hectares to 60 hectares of vines all of which they farm organically. A family estate, Manolo manages the vines while Rosalia works in the cellar. Located at nearly 1,100 meters above sea level, the estate's altitude makes it unique. Cooler temperatures and nearly constant winds keep disease and pest pressure low while arid conditions limit vegetation. The cooler temperatures at this high elevation means that their harvests are some of the latest in all of Spain. A a cold and early winter in these mountains even allows for production of an ice wine!

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