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Champagne Petit Clergeot

Champagne, France


Paul Clergeot


Certified Organic


Grapes Grown:

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Paul Clergeot might just be the smartest farmer I have ever met. Through a thick French accent on an unreasonable warm March morning, Paul insisted on showing us each vineyard site: learning the trellising methods, pruning techniques and why he raises pigs in certain parcels but not others. As the grey sky met the grey spring earth in the Cotes du Bar, there was one exception: the vibrant green parcels of Petit Clergeot stood out from a mile away. Paul works quite differently than his neighbors in the villages of Polisot and Riceys, each wine is made as a single variety, from a single plot, in a single year. His wines are vibrant and full of energy; just like the vigneron himself. While Petit Clergeot might be a new name for you, we find these wines to amogst the most compelling in all of Champagne right now and are thrilled for the future of Petit Clergeot.
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