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Domaine de la Mongestine

Provence, France




Grapes Grown:

Harry Gozlan WInemaker: Max Gamard

Certified Biodynamic

Merlot, Vermentiino, Cinsualt, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc

In the famed Coteuax D'Aix en Provence Domaine de la Mongestine is a rarity in the appelation, they don't seek to make lakes of poolside rose like the broad swath of the region. Instead they have committed first to organic agriculture becoming certified in 2014, and then to biodynamics with conversion complete in 2019. Celine and Harry Gozlan are driven by a care for the land and minimal intrevention in the cellar. They allow Native yeast to take the lead, they forgo oak, using inert vessels and ampohora for fermentation and aging, and use only judicious amounts of sulfur at bottling. The resulting wines are the refreshing, saline, textured wines we want to drink all year round.

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