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Domaine du Haut Planty

Loire Valley, France




Grapes Grown:

Alain & Christian Couillaud

Certified Organic

Melon de Bourgogne,Folle Blanche, Abouriou

The genesis of Domaine du Haut Planty began in the 60's when Michel Couillard converted the family estate in the hills of Le Landreau to vineyards. In the early 2000's his two sons, Alain and Christian Couillard, tookover production and began the transition to Organic viticulture and now the vineyards are now some of few certified in Muscadet. Christain handles the farming and Alain works the cellar with a mind toward natural winemaking, they together are seeking to showcase the broad pontential of Melon De Bourgogne and it's ability to translate the terrior of their Atlanic mirco-climate.

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