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Judith Beck

Burgenland, Austria




Grapes Grown:

Judith Beck


Blaufr�nkisch,Weissburgunder, Zweigelt, Neuburger,Welschriesling, Muscat

In 1970 Judith Beck's parents established the estate that she took over in 2004 after finsihing studies at Klosterneuburg Viticulture College. She toured the world working in France, Italy, and Chile. Upon her return to Austria she set out to covert her home vineyard site to Biodynamics, She's of the mind if you live amongst the vines and it's not just a postal address to you, but serves to deepen your relationship with the vineyard. Not concerned with chasing trends, Judith says "International style can be produced by everyone, everywhere. My wines are my own. They are here and now. And that is for me the most beautiful thing. "
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