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Les Equilibristes

Languedoc, France


Florent Girou & Francois de Monval


Practicing or Certified Organic



Grapes Grown:

Grolleau Gris, Pineau d' Aunis, Picpoul de PInet, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Terret Blanc, Grenache, Syrah, Gamay

Les Equilibristes' (translating to "the tightrope walkers") is a collective of winemakers started in 2015 by Restaurateur Francois de Monval and wine grower and enoligist Florent Girou. They chose this name in part because "they like wines that stand on the verge: aerial, elegant with little guarantees but a lot of self- control". While Monval and Girou act as the driving force in this collective, it's made up of 7 winemakers in 5 regions, throughout Southwest France. They approach each site and wine with these prinicles in mind, fruit must be organically grown, it must highlight the terrior of where it is grown, all growers must employ biodynamic practices, once in the cellar indigenious yeast only, no corrective additives, only neutral vessels for aging and minimal sulfur usage. Besides these, the only rule is to break all the rules.

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