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Valdobiadene, Italy


Martino Tormena


practicing organic


Grapes Grown:

Glera, Perera, Verdiso, Bianchetta, Boschera

Mongarda is a small 12 hectare, family owned and operated producer of "real prosecco" located in the heart of the Valdobiadene DOCG. Martino Tormena inherited the estate from his father Bruno who began making wine from this familys vineyards in the late 1970s. These are premier vineyard sites in Valdobiadene, steep slopes of very poor rocky soils. The old vines see no herbicides instead receiving biodynamic preparations and compost.Grapes are pressed whole-cluster and fermentations are all indigenous. Mongarda showcases how terroir and thoughful farming can result in transformative proseccos.
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