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Unkel Wines

Nelson, New Zealand


Kate Burley




Grapes Grown:

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris

A couple of high school sweethearts Rob and Kate, traveled the world working in every facet of the wine industry, including a stint at the world renowned Terrior in London. Upon returning to the Southern Hemipshere they found themselves working for a couple of Australian legends Pat Sullivan and Bill Downie, this is were the idea for Unkel was born. During these three years outside of Melbourne, they were purchasing fruit from sites all around the city, but felt called back to New Zealand to work land of thier own. In 2020 this became a reality with a 5 hectare plot leased from none other than Alex Craighead of Kindeli. In Rob's words "The �Unkel� is someone who will let you learn life lessons the hard but far more interesting and fun way, and only intervenes when totally necessary,� this is the ideaolgy behind all the winemaking at Unkel.
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